Recently, authors at Florida State University published a new tool called DisDock. This is a short review

For novices to git and to open science practices it can be hard to navigate the myriad of tools that are present to host ones data in an open repository such as Zenodo. This post is an adaptation of a manual that I prepared for my lab in my function as data manager. It explains how to turn a folder into a git repository, how to setup a remote repository such as github and how to push the data to zenodo. In addition, this explains how to use interactive notebooks with github in a webbrowser using the service.

The Stockholms archipelago is a fantastic collection of small little islets (Skär in swedish) and some bigger islands. It is a fantastic weekend getaway from Uppsala or Stockholm on a sunny weekend and allows for a nice nature experience and amazing sunsets. This post contains a short packlist, instructions how to access the Roslagens skärgård (which is the northern part of the archipelago) and a route proposition for a three day trip.


In this short tutorial I describe how to setup a workflow to use Biber/Latex and Mendeley together. A workflow that I have found ideally suited for writing my bachelor thesis.

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Im Sommer 2015 habe ich mit dem DAAD RISE Weltweit Praktika Programm für Nawis im Bachelor ein Auslandspraktikum an der Université de Montréal absolviert. In diesem Blogpost beschreibe ich meine Erfahrungen mit dem Programm.